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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your Pet Could Be in a Mystery!

by Sheila Webster Boneham

OMG, you guys!!! One of us could be a STAR!! 
Don't forget to submit your entry for the ARPH Character Raffle Fundraiser. 
The lucky winner will be featured in Sheila Boneham's fourth mystery, 
tentatively titled Shepherd's Crook
All species are welcome to enter! 
(Other than humanoids!)

Some of you may recall that I've done this before - raffled off guest roles for critters in my Animals in focus mysteries. If you would like to know about about the winners who appear in The Money Bird and Catwalk, check out Animals in Focus Mysteries Characters Help Real Animals in Need .

Here's the scoop on the current character raffle - ARPH and I would appreciate your help in getting the word out, so please share the links. Thank you!


ARPH Benefit Character Raffle 2014

To pay for your entry, please send the money via PayPal at jagrdoggy@yahoo.com and note it's for Shepherd's Crook....

Contest – How it works:

The winner’s pet will appear in a “guest role” in Shepherd’s Crook, the fourth Animals in Focus Mystery by Sheila Webster Boneham. Winner must provide an email address and respond to Sheila’s request for further information within 48 hours of request following the drawing. Sheila will ask for at least one photo of the chosen animal, and some information about personality, abilities, etc. Click here to learn more about the series.  

What's the story in Shepherd’s Crook?

Animal photographer Janet MacPhail knows that something is seriously amiss when she and her Aussie, Jay, learn that livestock have disappeared overnight from a herding trial. Then a man dies, and Janet unwittingly photographs the thieves in action, putting herself and those she loves in the killer’s crosshairs.

A little about moi (and why I write a series with an Aussie as lead dog)

I've been involved with Australian Shepherds for more than two decades as a breeder, rescuer, competitor, judge, and fan. In addition to the Animals in Focus mystery series featuring Aussie Jay and his friends, I have written seventeen award-winning nonfiction books about dogs, cats, and rescue, including The Owner's Guide to the Australian Shepherd, Rescue Matters!, and others. 

Animals in Focus Mysteries

Drop Dead on Recall (2012)—because obedience can be murder! Winner of 2013 Maxwell Award for Best Fiction Book from the Dog Writers Association of America, and a 2012 Top Ten Dog Book, NBCPetside. 

The Money Bird (2013)—wet dogs, wildlife trafficking, and murder!

Catwalk (forthcoming fall 2014)—because agility - canine and feline! - can be deadly!

Personally autographed copies of Sheila’s books, including pre-orders of Catwalk, are available from Pomegranate Books in Wilmington, NC. Order online at http://www.sheilaboneham.blogspot.com/p/autographed-books.html or call Pomegranate Books at 910-452-1107 to place your order.

10% of your purchase from Pomegranate will be donated to support Aussie rescue or animal health foundations - your choice!

Also available online:
Powell’s Books
Barnes & Noble 

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