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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Would You Like to Write for Writers & Other Animals?

by Sheila Webster Boneham

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I posted two posts rather than the usual one, so today I'm offering a "call for submissions." The information posted below is taken from my Guest Posts page, where you will find complete guidelines. 

What I'm looking for

First, quality writing. Second, animals. This does not mean that animals have to be the primary focus of your work, but in most cases, at least one animal must figure in your submission.
I will consider posts about most kinds of writing -- literary, genre, commercial, fiction, nonfiction, poetry.... The key, again, is quality. This does not mean I will take everything that comes my way, just that I have few biases at the "first read" stage. As with any publication, I reserve the right to make minor edits. If I think a major change is needed, I will ask you to make it (or decline the submission if I don't think it's right for this blog). 
I will consider many sorts of posts, including the following (and more):
  • posts about your work or an aspect of your work 
  • posts about topics related to your book(s) or other work
  • interviews (see questions and directions below)
  • "Seven (or ten or twelve) Things You Might Not Know About (your book, your protagonist, you the author, your setting, a character's career or hobby....)"
  • "Seven (or ten or twelve) Things You Might Not Know About (your favorite species/breed or animal sport/activity"
  • excerpts from books
  • previously published posts, but please let me know, provide a reference, and be sure you own the rights to republish
  • (potentially) critical pieces focused on work about animals, as long as it is accessible to readers who may not be schooled in a particular discipline - potentially this might include discussions of literary work, cultural portrayals and uses of animals, or...well, if you have an idea, email me.
  • other - if you have something else in mind, try me; you might scroll through older posts for inspiration

I'm happy to say that the calendar is reasonably full, but there are still plenty of openings for new participants. So if you write, and if animals figure in your work or your writing routine, I hope you'll consider being part of Writers & Other Animals!

Please come back on Sunday for "When Animals Speak" by author Waverly Fitzgerald. 

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  1. Would love to be a part of this, Sheila. Will send you something for consideration soon.