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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Flash Your Stuff - A Quick-as-a Bunny Writing Prompt

Just for fun -- a flash-writing prompt, in keeping with the season: give us up to 200 words (fiction, poem, interview, whatever!). Short - much shorter - is fine, too. Here's the premise....

The missing eggs look
a lot like this.

The eggs are missing! She worked past midnight to get the colors just right,  and then hopped all over the neighborhood in the wee hours to hide them, but when she came back after her nap, they were gone!
Tell us what happened next, from the Easter Bunny's point of view. Or make it a Passover story, or draw on another tradition, or ...well, you're the writer! Have some fun!
P.S. Kids' stories welcome, too, if you have an aspiring writer in the house. 

Post your flash story, poem, interview,song lyrics, whatever, as a comment if you like. If you're inspired to write more than 200 words, feel free to post a link to your creation on your own site. 

Now hop to it!


  1. Matthew rushed through the house, plump legs pumping, to his basket. "Quick as the bunny who filled it with treats," his momma thought, smiling. The three-year-old skidded to a stop before the dining table and clasped his hands. There it was, pastel purple and yellow wicker bound with white ribbon, candy and tiny toys nestled withing the edible green candy grass. "Oh, he came, momma, he came!" Clapping chubby hands and hopping, his brilliant smile casting into shadow the dimple dancing on his right cheek. "So like his daddy and his granddaddy," she thought, setting the video recorder on the buffet to capture her son's enthusiasm. "What did the Easter Bunny bring to you?" That was all the permission needed. Foil flew from chocolates, toys were ripped from cardboard bases, and a milk-chocolate bunny found its ears nibbled. "MMMM, I like Easter Bunny, Momma! He brings tasty presents!"